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Events Calendar The WMSL Community Calendar is a place for North East Georgia to share details of future events for Churches, Businesses, Schools, or any other group that wishes to provide info for the public.
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Great Smiling Face

Smiling Face The Great Smiling Face Award is a way for you to publicly honor a friend, family member, co-worker, boss, pastor, or trusted leader in your community on the air at WMSL for a Birthday, Anniversary, or special event.
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Daughters of Promise

Hosted by Christine Wyrtzen and daughter Jaime Lauze

Daughters of Promise is hosted by Christine Wyrtzen and her daughter, Jaime Lauze'. These are two women - reaching women through radio, conferences, daily devotionals, books and music. They offer great teaching; it is heart-bent while strong in application. Reach them online at

The Great Music Place
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2121 Ruth Jackson Road

Bogart, GA 30622

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